Spotted: Chuck and Blair, Locking Lips


Here we go again. Another day, another Gossip Girl photo op.

The Blair Waldorf sightings have been a sight for our sore eyes, even despite the new NYU-inspired downtown duds she was seen donning on set yesterday.

Today, we’re happy to report she’s back to regular Queen Bee, clad in Uptown armor. We don’t think that yellow wrap top and sleek cinnabun inspired ‘do would pass as acceptable below 14th street, or 68th, actually.

But enough about that, let’s confront the elephant standing right before our eyes. That kiss, what is it?

We’ve been waiting since mid-season one for Chuck and Blair to confront their feelings for one another. The sneak peeks at their sexcapades, equipped with La Perla lingerie, limousines, martinis and garters, have been steamy to say the least.

So why that awkward fifth-grade-first-kiss face, B? You’re making it like kissing Chuck Bass is a chore, if only.

And Rico Suave Chuck, Britney Spears basically wrote Womanizer for you, we don’t believe Donald Duck falls into the womanizing category. Have you always been channeling D.Duck’s aesthetic pre-kiss?

Our last question goes out to the CW: how much longer are you going to make us wait before we can start getting some answers to our consistently growing list of questions?


Until the next Gossip Girl sighting (sigh), XOXO.

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