Spotted: Chuck Bass Emulating Danny Zuko?


Gossip Girl sightings continue, and get more confusing, awkward, and uncomfortable with every camera click.

So far we’ve seen:

1. Blair channeling her inner hipster (we didn’t know Upper East Siders had hipster-like qualities in their blood), looking less-than-put together, on two separate occasions.

2. Chuck channeling Donald Duck while kissing Blair.

3. Brooklyn-native Jenny Humphrey wearing some seriously Upper East Side-inspired duds, what happened to being emo, mullet head? (I know, I know, we’re still not over the mullet.)

4. Hillary Duff hanging out with Dan Humphrey, while wearing Valentino, but also a “vintage” Mets tee. Make up your mind, lady.

5. Serena looking like…herself (which means perfect, sigh). But we speculate she’s going to drop the biggest surprise this season.

And now, Chuck Bass, the quintessential Upper East Side boy, our rico suave slicked back fellow, with too many pairs of boat shoes, red pants, and fitted blazers to count, is channeling Danny Zuko. Tank top (a la Russell Brand), silver chain around his neck, leaning against his trailer, and all. What is that?

If we see you hand-jive, we’re going to kill ourselves.

Until the next Gossip Girl sighting, XOXO.