Spotted: B and V, Friends?


Nothing makes us smile wider than Gossip Girl-filming season. Fans based everywhere in the Metropolitan area flock to the sets and try to puzzle pieces of the upcoming season together. From the scenes we witness, we create spoilers in our heads. Chuck and Serena? Nate and Jenny? Darota and Rufus!?

Well, here’s a new one to keep us on the edge of our seats, as we wait to see what actually unfolds in season three.

Yesterday, the cast was filming in Soho on Prince St. Blair and Vanessa were caught behind rolling cameras, walking together, talking to one another, not yelling, or trying to claw each other’s eyes out. Let’s get this straight. Blair and Vanessa? Acting civil? Is that even possible, after their irreconcilable differences last season pertaining to Nate, Chuck and Lord Marcus?

It seems like Blair’s recent enrollment at NYU has knocked her off the Upper East Side scene, which is clearly evident in the downtown look she is emulating. A maxi dress, vest, unique sunglasses and messenger style purse would never be accepted at Madison Avenue’s chi chi cafe Sant Ambreous, or on the Met steps. Before we know it, she’s going to be stopping at the Grey Dog for coffee, picking up The Village Voice on her way to class.

Perhaps her new persona has also created a new sense of tolerance for Brooklyn natives. She may even trade in Chuck for Dan by season three’s closing. Ha, well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Until the next sighting, XOXO.