Spotted: B & S Rehearsing Lines


The scripts that both Blair and Serena are holding make it obvious that the two are just practicing their lines.

We hope Blair is practicing her outfit too, because if she shows up on set butchering that (adorable) Pencey silk tank with those nasty printed leggings and flip flops, we’re going to shut our TVs off. Forever. Goodbye Gossip Girl, hello NYC Prep. Just kidding, we would never trade in our favorite faux Upper East Side teens for reality TV actual Upper East Side teens. We won’t be surprised if B pops on screen in this outfit though, she has been making some strange fashion choices this season. Between her yellow wrap top and the long hippie-inspired dress and weird sunglasses, we may need to have a little tete-a-tete with Gossip Girl‘s fashion stylist.

Serena, on the other hand, is looking great, snooze. With her bountiful blonde locks and 5 foot-forever-tall stance, what else is new? She’s wearing a black tunic dress with silver and blue bead detail at the collar and super-trendy blue suede gladiator sandals. Her small green pocket-book is a perfect add-on also. We have a feeling long-strap mini-purses are making a huge comeback this fall. Start stocking up!

We won’t help you emulate Blair’s look, you shouldn’t want to, anyway. But here are our picks from the StyleCaster shop to snag Serena’s look. We like this Rebecca Taylor shirt dress, these Coach gladiator heels and this Forever 21 black bow purse to kick off the trend.

Oh, by the way…whose this guy?


Until the next Gossip Girl sighting, XOXO.