Behold: A ‘Turkey Timer’ Playlist to Help You Cook Your Bird to Perfection

Beth Stebner
spotify thanksgiving playlist

Get ready to cook your bird to some cleverly-curated songs. (Photo: Getty Images/StyleCaster)

By now, your Friendsgiving plans are (hopefully) mapped out. You’ve poured over Pinterest boards and food blogs ad nauseum for the perfect menu, edited a guest list that would make Martha Stewart proud, and maybe even ventured into tablescaping.

But when it comes to music, why not have your playlist do some heavy lifting and actually help out with the process of cooking the bird?

Thankfully, we live in some pretty exciting times, and just in time for Thanksgiving, Spotify has launched a clever “Turkey Timer” playlist that not only lets you stream any number of music genres—from a classic Americana playlist to “Club Kitchen,” featuring dance pop hits from the likes of sirenXX and Röyksopp—that actually times the playlist to how long it will take to cook your turkey. All you do is enter the turkey’s weight and the playlist whips up a custom playlist.

And, once your bird is done, Spotify helpfully includes a “ding” at the end, letting you know it’s time to drop what you were doing and dig in.

Why didn’t someone think of this before? We don’t know, but we do know that we’ll get a lot of milage out of Club Kitchen.