Spotify Is Here To Drip Some Terror On Your Halloween

Aramide Tinubu
Halloween Pumpkin
Photo: Shutterstock.

Though we love a spooky film or TV show, there is something extra haunting about listening to someone tell us a spooky story. It gives us throwback vibes from those summer days around campfires or at sleepovers with our friends. Spotify’s Halloween Podcast playlist is here to terrify you from the comfort of your own home, or if we’re being honest, from a tight seat on a subway car. Curated by Parcast founder, Max Cutler –Spotify wants us all to remember that some of the most haunting stories you will ever hear are right at your fingertips.

In case you didn’t know, Cutler is the perfect person to curate Spotify’s first-ever Halloween Podcast playlist. An expert in mystery shows, scripted crime and horror stories, his terrifying playlist of spooky tales touch on everything from the Salem Witch Trials to the diabolical Slender Man stories. Of course, because the streaming platform has a sense of humor–Cutler has chosen 13 perfectly creepy tales for users to dive right into.

This isn’t the only treat that Spotify is giving us this Halloween. In addition to their podcast round up, the audio streaming service has also created a list of their top horror podcasts based on the number of hours streaming in October 2019.

Check out the list below.

Though podcasting is still a relatively new medium–people are becoming more and more obsessed with what it can do. After all, spooky podcast listening on Spotify increased by 138.5 percent from October 2018 to October 2019.

Dive into Cutler’s terrifying playlist if you dare.