The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Nailing Sporty Summer Outfits

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Nailing Sporty Summer Outfits
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Athleisure, sportswear, streetwear—whatever you choose to call it, it’s a given that you’ve embraced it. Personally, I’ve never really considered myself a particularly sporty dresser yet find myself looking exactly like one, often wearing what can only be described as sporty outfits all week long in the form of sneakers, hoodies, bombers, leggings. All pieces that had a rightful place in my wardrobe before but now—maybe thanks to girls such as Gigi and Kylie, maybe thanks to high-fashion designers like Vetements—have risen to become the preferred look of the moment.

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Sneakers as opposed to heels, sweatshirts in place of blouses, and sports bras instead of crop tops are only a few tricks you need to nail the vibe. So take a look at the above 25 outfits that make it look easy.

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