Shimmer in the City with Homerun Ballerina’s Audrey Leary


This is the first video in StyleCaster’s partnership with Hawaiian Tropic starring Homerun Ballerina’s Audrey Leary.

Last month I was approached by StyleCaster and Hawaiian Tropic to collaborate on an exciting video project. They asked me to do a three-part web series featuring their products, my closet and my food. As a fair-skinned lady who loves the sun, dressing up and eating, I quickly agreed.

For those who don’t know me, I run a little blog called Homerun Ballerina which focuses on food and fashion.My favorite thing about the arrival of summer is visiting my neighborhood Farmers’ Market every weekendnothing makes me happier than being surrounded by ripe, juicy fruits and local meats and cheeses. This first video in the “Shimmer” series features me going out for one such trip to the market.

And check out the next two videos, where I hang out by the pool and then (my favorite) put that Farmers’ Market produce to good use.

Music by Aled Roberts

What I’m wearing in this video:

Charlotte Taylor ant blouse, Asos belt, Asos shorts, thrifted J. Crew loafers, thrifted magnifying glass necklace, Floppy hat from one of those cheapy shops on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint

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