Fact or Fiction: “Anonymous” in Our Time

Fact or Fiction: “Anonymous” in Our Time
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William Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets. Does that sound like an absurd amount ofwriting? It should, because it is.

For comparison’s sake, Shakespeare wrote more sonnets than the Bible has Psalms. America’s leading playwright, David Mamet, is trailing Shakespeare by three plays. And Mamet has been penning plays for over 40 years — Shakespeare, who allegedly wrote “Henry VI” at 25, died at 50.

Shakespeare was a man of modest means. So how was he capable of writing so beautifully and profoundly, not only of the human heart, but also of the world he lived in right down to geographic peculiarites of nations he could have never visited. Short answer: He possibly couldn’t have.

Anonymous, to be released on October 28th, is Roland Emmerich‘s latest film, and seeks to debunk the myth of Shakespeare once and for all. But how many Shakespeares live in our time? We’ll see if you know. Just scroll through the slideshow—the answers are on the final slide.

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Paul Mitchell is an iconic hair stylist. He became famous working at Vidal Sassoon in London during the swinging 60s. From there he launched the hair care product line John Paul Mitchell Systems. The brand did not test its products on animals, ushering in the age eco-friendly beauty products.

Question #1: Is this man Paul Mitchell?

Have I been played? That's a question Oprah can answer in the affirmative. She tearfully endorsed author James Frey A Million Little Pieces to the tune of 3.5 million copies sold. His accounts of drug addiction, criminality and recovery were harrowing, enveloping and completely untrue. The book's most chilling account detailed Frey's crack-fueled melee with police officers that landed the author in jail for 87 days.

Question #2: How long was Frey actually in jail? 

Of all the love songs named after a woman, "Layla" may be the sneakiest. A huge hit in both 1970 and 1993, "Layla" defined the genre of unrequited love songs. It was not written about a woman named Layla. Singer Eric Clapton couldn't use the woman's real name because she was married to his close friend, The Beatles George Harrison

Question #3: Which former supermodel is "Layla" written about?

Answer #1: That man is not Paul Mitchell. His name is John Paul DeJoria. He saw Mitchell's immense talents and invested $700 in starting a product line with him. He continued the brand after Mitchell's death in 1989.

Answer #2: Frey spent five hours in jail, which is to say he overplayed his jail sentencing by 2083 hours. (Like most writers, Frey is incredibly bad at math.) Oprah punished him on live television, but he still made millions. If you were offered millions of dollars to be chastised by Oprah, would you take it?

Answer #3: "Layla" was written about the stunning Patty Boyd. Clapton ended up stealing her away from Harrison, though the two remained friends.

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