We Spoke To Kristen Stewart And She Told Us Her Red Carpet Dresses Have Feelings

Spencer Cain

Yes, it’s true. Kristen Stewart is so media trained sensitive that she told us it’s impossible to choose her favorite red-carpet dress of the year because she doesn’t want to offend any of the gowns.

Allow us to set the scene: At last night’s New York premiere of the anticipated beatnik flick “On The Road” (adapted from Jack Kerouac’s classic novel), Stewart arrived in a sheer Erdem minidress and neon Christian Louboutin pumps, which got us thinking about other statement-making dresses she’s worn over the course of her ultra-busy year, which featured a slew of high-profile “Twilight” premieres.

Naturally, we couldn’t resist asking the starlet—typically more partial to hoodies and Converse than gowns—which of her glamorous looks were her favorite. After a few moments of awkward pausing and looking around (moves that have become her red carpet calling cards), she deferred to her publicist before telling us, “Um, I liked everything I wore this year, I think. I don’t want to offend any of the dresses.”

Okay, it was a bit of a meh response, but she’s not wrong: She’s worn some seriously stand-up looks this year (thanks mostly to her fantastic stylist Tara Swennen, who recently filled us in herself on some of Kristen’s outfits), and we rounded ’em up here.

Click through and let us know your thoughts—which one of K-Stew’s dresses (with feelings!) was your favorite?