Spike Jonze’s Women; A Timeline


The pop world has their Justin Timberlake, TV has McDreamy, and blockbusters have George Clooney. Though they may act too cool for it, the indie film scene has a pimp Casanova in their midst; Spike Jonze. The director of movies like Being John Malkovich, and the upcoming Where The Wild Things Are, Jonze has run the romance gamut when it comes to Hollywood dating, and he’s done it with as little paparazzi coverage as possible. Reportedly fresh from breaking up with actress Michelle Williams, we take a look back at the seriously high-class women Jonze has snagged.


Sofia Coppola

After being close friends for nearly 10 years, Jonze and Coppola got married, and stayed that way until 2003, when they parted amicably. What a cute, shaggy-haired couple they made.


Julia Hatfield

Although it’s unconfirmed when they actually dated, singer (and homeless ghost in My So-Called Life) Julia Hatfield wrote a scathing letter to a local newspaper’s review of a Lemonheads album stating she had lost her virginity to singer Evan Dando. Her letter responded that she had, in fact, lost her V-card to Spike Jonze. And that is that.


Karen O

Spike Jonze is clearly a fan of dating free spirits, so naturally he dated Yeah Yeah Yeahs crazy frontwoman Karen O. In 2005, they split, but only their personal relationship ended. Since then, they have collaborated on a variety of projects, like the Y Control video for the Yeahs, and the Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack.


Drew Barrymore

In 2007, Barrymore and Jonze dated for approximately 6 months, interspersed with Drew also dating Garden State star Zach Braff. The two split because, well, because there were lots of other hot actors to date.


Michelle Williams

Having just split up in September, the indie couple dated for over a year. Jonze was the first man Williams dated after the tragic passing of her longtime boyfriend Heath Ledger. After the break-up, she told Vogue that she thought “falling in love again was the only thing that was going to save me from the pain. This erroneous idea: It just makes things more complicated.”