Spice Girls Reunion: A Second One in the Works


We will never forget the sleepovers spent choreographing routines to “Wannabe” and “Spice Up Your Life” or that one Halloween where we dressed up in leopard print pants and pigtails to beg for candy in Baby Spice costumes. Basically, The Spice Girls were our childhood, and as far as we’re concerned, the 1990’s don’t exist as a decade without them. Good news for those who can empathize: Mel B (the six-pack ab and Afro bearing member) recently announced that the girls are gearing up for yet another comeback.

Wary about ruining the surprise, the British pop singer didn’t dish too many details, but we do know that Posh has officially traded in her platforms for her Louboutins and won’t be joining the other four girls for the reunion. Such a shame, but if we were busy with DBecks and three munchkins running around at home, we’d probably ditch the pop-star thing too. So get ready, get your iPod synched up, it’s time to spice back up your life.