Speidi, At it Again


Was it dress up like a cowboy day in LA yesterday and we just didn’t get the memo? Didn’t think so.

Speidi has been somewhat quiet lately, that is to say, they haven’t been posing infront of cameras and signing on to do even more ridiculous renditions of “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.” We were finally starting to wonder where they’ve been, keeping things low-key post-wedding, perhaps? Wrong. They were obviously conjuring up a matching day out, cowboy hat included. Yesterday they debuted as they were leaving Kitson Kids in LA.

Wait, backtrack, Kitson Kids? Why were they shopping for baby clothes? We may or may not be compelled to start a rumor right now, but instead we’ll just assume that Heidi buys her itsby bitsy shorts from there, instead of a big girl store– recession special?

Anyway, we’re anxiously anticipating the new season of The Hills. Something tell us the drama between Kristin Cavallari and Heidi will triumph over anything LC put Speidi through…Kristin is a notorious boyfriend stealer, we’re just saying…