Spanx For Pregnant Chicks? Vogue’s Long Lost September Issue Image

Kerry Pieri


  • Spanx is introducing a line of Mama Spanx for pregos. That’s just wrong, unless you’re sixteen, pregnant, and trying to keep it from your bf and the principal. (Jezebel)

Image 2

  • That image that Anna dropped from the September issue in the film of the same name that made everyone fall in love with Grace Coddington is up on Coco Rocha’s blog, and it’s soooo pretty. (Oh So Coco)
  • Snooki is teaming with SRG Ventures to market and distribute a number of licensed products starting this year. I’m just so happy all of these Jersey Shore kids are making so much money as a result of degrading themselves on television. (Showbiz)

Image 3
Photo: Vogue

  • Accessories super star Filipa Fino chronicled her week in dress for Vogue and it is the most Voguealicious Vogue thing you’ve ever read. Highlight: “The antique diamond earrings were a birthday present from my husband. He actually came to pick me up in Southampton at the Jitney stop with box in hand.” She also has some sick outfits. (Vogue)
  • Phillip Lim is now going to show his men’s collection in Paris. Traitor. (I kid!) (WWD)


  • RT @littleylittley ITs LEAKING….Britney Spears #HoldItAgainstMe (demo version w/ session singer) is making the rounds. Have you heard it? I Like it so far. New Brit Brit!

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