Space Travel Is Coming To The People, Kind Of

Jessica Rubin

2012 is shaping up to be a big year for outer space. Yes, there’s the question of whether or not our planet will cease to exist, but what we find a little bit more exciting is that space travel will slowly become more accessible to us normal(ish) folk. Space tourism companies like Virgin Galactic are offering trips that you can sign up for on the Internet.

That’s right, you can book a trip to space in much the same way you would book a red eye to London. And while you won’t have to shell out millions of dollars for your jaunt into the universe, it’ll still cost you about $200,000.

According to The New York Times, 475 people have already reserved a spot on one of Virgin Galactic’s flights. The full ticket price will get you above the 62-mile mark — the point commonly accepted as the beginning of outer space. Once you get up there you’ll experience five minutes of “weightlessness” before coming back down to Earth. And just like with a normal flight, you’ll be able to purchase travel insurance … just in case.

So while most of us may not have enough change under our couch cushions to afford one of these space trips quite yet, here’s to hoping that within the next ten years we’ll all have a reason to run out and grab a pair of moon boots.