Sorry Vanessa, We’re Not Buying the Underprivileged, Down to Earth, Brooklyn Thing Anymore


While filming scenes for season 3 of Gossip Girl yesterday in SoHo, we had to look twice to make sure that it was actress Jessica Szohr’s on-screen alter ego Vanessa that we were looking at. Between the perfectly coiffed hair (with delicate ringlets at the end that could only be achieved by a stylist and a curling iron), Ikat print mini shorts, embellished tank, and accessories, Vanessa has certainly come a long way from the style-challenged girl who used to climb through Dan’s window.

I guess spending the majority of season two dating an Archibald might have helped too (oh, and we mustn’t forget the one night stand with Chuck Bass). Either way, this is one of my favorite looks that I have seen the actress’ character in thus far. It’s less buttoned up and conservative than Blair’s usual fare, but not quite as tight and revealing as Serena’s wardrobe. (I mean, how can someone with as ample a chest as Serena not wear a bra to meet with the dean of Yale?)