Sophie Turner Self-Cares by Smoking Weed in the Bath with Maisie Williams

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams
Photo: Mark Milan/GC Images.

Self-care is different for each person. For Lucy Hale, it’s eating ranch and watching crime documentaries. For Lili Reinhart, it’s Netflix and “vegging out.” For Sophie Turner, it’s smoking weed in a bath with her Game of Thrones costar, Maisie Williams.

The 22-year-old actor dished on her self-care routine in an interview with Vulture, where she revealed that one of her favorite past-times is getting high on marijuana with her Game of Thrones sister, while watching “stupid videos” and grubbing out. “We’re kind of like loners on Game of Thrones, just because the past few seasons Maisie and I have sleepovers every night when we’re shooting,” Turner said. “Or every night whenever both of us are in town. We just used to sit there and eat and watch stupid videos and smoke weed.”

But the weed-related fun doesn’t end there. When the two are feeling really fancy, they take a bath together, while smoking weed and rubbing makeup brushes on each other’s faces. “I don’t know if my publicist will kill me for saying this. We’d get high and then we’d sit in the bath together and we’d rub makeup brushes on our faces. It’s fun,” Turner said.

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Of course, this isn’t the first time that Turner and Williams have expressed their love for cannabis. For Halloween 2016, the Stark sisters put their own twist on Girl Scout Brownies by dressing up as “hash” (a.k.a. marijuana) brownies—complete with weed leaves.

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Hey Sophie and Maisie, invite us over next time, will ya?