Wow, Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas Broke Up For 24 Hours

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This is news we never saw coming. Apparently, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas went through a breakup right before their wedding. The Game of Thrones actress explained that the couple split for 24-hours before realizing it was a horrible decision and got back together.

“It was the worst day of our lives,” she explained to The Sunday Times. But thankfully, it helped them realize they should be together. “For a second we both had cold feet, then 24 hours later we were both, like, ‘Never mind.'”

The newlyweds, who just tied the knot with surprise wedding in Las Vegas last month, went through a rocky point in their relationship. Turner said it had a lot to do with her mental health.

“I was going through this phase of being very mentally unwell,” the 23-year-old recalled. “He was, like, ‘I can’t be with you until you love yourself, I can’t see you love me more than you love yourself.’ That was something, him doing that. I think he kind of saved my life, in a way.”

Turner went on to explain why she was going through such a rough time. Rising to such quick fame a the age of 13 (when Game of Thrones came out) was a lot for her to handle. Dealing with online critics also took a toll on the young actress. “Having your adolescence being displayed in public, that’s something I really wish hadn’t happened,” Turner said. “Being in the age of social media when that’s happening, I think I would be a much saner person if I hadn’t been documented from 13 — your most awkward, uncomfortable, unsure-of-yourself years.”

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Turner has repeatedly credited Jonas for helping her through tough times.  While speaking with Phil McGraw back in April, she told the Dr. Phil host, “I’m with someone that makes me realize I do have some redeeming qualities, I suppose. And when someone tells you they love you every day, it makes you really think about why that is, and I think it makes you love yourself a bit more.”

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While speaking with the Times, the Dark Phoenix star also gave Game of Thrones a shoutout, explaining that her character, Sansa Stark, taught it was it was like to have strength. Turner thanked Sansa for giving her the ability to cope with her issues.

“It sounds stupid, but I don’t think I would have been able to get through the hardships — I mean, boo hoo — but the hardships, mental health-wise, in my life without playing Sansa and without having that constant inspiration,” she told the outlet. “If she can do it, then I can definitely do it.”

sophie turner game of thrones Wow, Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas Broke Up For 24 Hours

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You can learn a lot from the characters you portray! Life imitates art, art imitates life, and all that. And if her character can become ~queen of the north~ we’re pretty sure Turner has the strength to get through whatever she’s going through.

the queen in the north game of thrones Wow, Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas Broke Up For 24 Hours


Sansa and Joe Jonas sound like a pretty great support team.