Sophia Chang

Sophia Chang Style Profile

@esymai (Photo: Melodie Jeng)

Illustrator and designer Sophia Chang has quickly built herself up as an unofficial streetwear queen. The 26-year-old worked under the likes of artist Ryan McGinness and art director Peter Chung (famous for his work with Supreme) before moving on to work for some of the coolest names in the business, ranging from Undefeated and Staple to giants like Nike and Puma.

Here, the Queens native and self-proclaimed bunhead shares more about her enviably cool aesthetic.

What is your approach to dressing?
Fitness and streetwear. Tomboy, edgy, fun, and cozy.

What do you think about New York City style?
Since New Yorkers are out and about every day hitting up a ton of different spots, we all have to dress smart instead of having outfit changes in a car. Because of that, I think New Yorkers always try to look their best when they leave their house for the day.

What are some of your favorite stores in the city?
VFILES, Nike Lab, Mr. Throwback NYC, ONLY Store—they carry a lot of brands I like, and I love their visual merchandising.

Is there a piece of clothing or an accessory you never leave home without?
Recently, it’s been my jewelry. I have a thin herringbone gold chain, my nameplate, and a couple rings from my favorite jewelry designer, Gabriela Artigas. I would feel incomplete if I were to leave home without them.