Soothing Candles That Will Transform Your Home Into a Personal Spa

Mia Maguire
Soothing Candles That Will Transform Your Home Into a Personal Spa

Regardless of your personal home décor style, whether it be eclectic, minimal, or vintage-inspired, the way our space is fashioned has a direct impact on how we feel. Just take a cluttered apartment for instance. When you have heaps of unfolded laundry piled on your floor or an endless stack of unwashed dishes from last night’s dinner taking over your entire kitchen, it creates a pretty distracting scene. With that being said, aside from a clean and organized interior, adding other soothing home items to the mix is another sure-fire way to enhance the atmosphere you’re living in. After all, most of us spend the majority of time in our homes—or is that just me?

There’s no denying that candles possess the ability to transform the mood, fragrance, and overall feel of a space. Sure, they create the ultimate romantic (and ultra-flattering) lighting for a date night in or luxurious bubble bath and can make your home or apartment smell like heaven, but aromatic candles also offer mood-boosting, aromatherapeutic benefits as well. When you come from a long day, your home should feel like your personal sanctuary, not another source of stress, and candles can help tremendously in this department. Below, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite calming candles to help you relax.

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1. My Lumina Purification Sage Lavender Candle

My Lumina candle amazon

My Lumina.

Infused with soothing extracts including lavender essential oils, white sage, and palo santo, this ambiance-boosting soy candle helps give your place a soothing, spa-like feel. This spiritual candle is also great for use during yoga, meditation, or deep breathing exercises to amplify the relaxation impact.

2. Spa Day Natural Soy Wax Candle

spa day candle amazon

Spa Day.

Inspired by the calming, aromatic ambiance we experience at day spas, this luxe soy candle harnesses the stress-reducing properties of jasmine and sea salt. The heavenly scent gives your space a botanical, creamy aroma, and the long-lasting candle is able to burn for up to sixty hours.

3. BARE KOLLECTIONS Serenity Lilac Scented Candle,

Bare Kollections candle

Bare Kollections.

This all-natural, long-burning soy candle contains peaceful and heavenly scented ingredients to help set the mood. The top notes include lilac and lavender—two essential oils associated with calming effects. It also burns for up to seventy hours and comes packaged in a rustic-chic glass jar that will flatter your home decor scheme beautifully.

4. Lolota Aromatherapy Candle

STYLECASTER | soothing candles87

Courtesy of Lolota.

This relaxing candle is infused with an aromatic blend of lavender, eucalyptus, and sweet fruit acids to help boost mood and enhance your home’s ambiance.

5. Love & Linger Aromatherapy Candle

STYLECASTER | soothing candles

Courtesy of Amazon.

This candle is designed to help promote a more restful night’s sleep, but it’s also great for soothing nerves as well. The top notes are lavender and creamy vanilla, so not only is it mood-lifting, but it also smells great.