Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon’s Fashion Line to Hit Stores February 16th


Here’s a little movie trivia not found during those pre-preview commercials at the theaters: In the movie, “Sideways” Paul Giamatti’s character Miles Raymond expresses his utmost disdain for Merlot wine. Subsequently, audiences took a cue from him and caused a 10% decrease in the sales of Merlot that year.

Now, I don’t care if you now scoff someone for bringing Merlot to a dinner party after seeing this movie but do not follow the advice of Juno MacGuff from Juno when she criticizes Mark Loring’s favorite Sonic Youth, “Oh and you know what? I bought another Sonic Youth album and it sucked… It’s just noise.” GUH!! WHA!?! WHAT!?!? “JUST NOISE”!? LIES!

Sonic Youth is awesome and bassist/guitarist/singer Kim Gordon is so freaking cool. And ya know what, just because being a rock star isn’t cool enough, Kim Gordon is now designing a new line for Urban Outfitters called Mirror/Dash due to hit stores February 16th. (Aaaand I’m marking my calendar now…) The name Mirror/Dash is from Gordon and Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore’s 1992 side project for Moore’s record label Ecstatic Peace.

Catering to the Urban clientele that steers away from the “Everybody Loves a Jewish Girl” and “Virginia is for Lovers” t-shirts, the line is beautifully simple and refreshingly classic. Hint magazine elaborates the line includes, “minimal, wearable and with organic materials, featuring slouchy T-shirt dresses and smart cropped blazers.”

Whether you’re a fan of Kim Gordon or feminine edgy clothing, be sure to stop by your local Urban Outfitters February 16th.