Sonic Youth Plays United Palace in New York Tonight


Before Sonic Youth came back with their 16th (seriously?) album The Eternal, I enjoyed Sonic Youth the way I enjoyed an episode of Scrubs. Like, “Oh hey. Scrubs is on. Yeah. I get Zach Braff‘s appeal. I enjoy this.” But the second I found the, “dun-duhn” sound of Law & Order mid channel surf, game over.

After reigning the punk grunge rock scene, Sonic Youth– the permanent anti-establishment leaders– was the first underground band to sign to a major label. However, as time passed and the raging enthusiasm for grunge calmed, Sonic Youth faded from the scene.

Well, now Sonic Youth has made themselves extremely relevant and not just an enjoyable past time. An appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, photos in the MoMA’s music exhibition and now on tour, Sonic Youth is leaving you unable to avoid them.

The band’s first album in 20 years plays clear homage to their band’s origins of the underground scene. It’s kind of like when the Pevensie children return to Narnia to try and reclaim their crowns… Yeah, let’s take that a run with it…

Tonight, Sonic Youth is playing the United Palace Theater (for tickets click here) in New York as a part of their summer tour. For a full schedule of tour dates, click here.