Something’s Wrong With a Little Bump and Grind…


Nothing says night on the town like a good dance party. Who doesn’t love to do a little shimmy, shake what our mommas gave us, and even do a hair flip or two at times? We’ve all connected with some great guys on the dance floor. You can tell your compatibility, or at least very specific aspects of it, when on you’re working it out.

But then there is the classic “grinding” dance. It began at the first boy-girl 6th grade dance and has been haunting us ever since. As the go-to move of most guys, it happens more frequently than appreciated.

First, it’s gross. No one wants to see you grind on the dance floor. It’s the last legal form of PDA.

Second, does anyone actually know how to grind? One option is to move in rhythm with the man, moving your hips in sync with his. Or you can pull out some signature moves (hand gestures optional) while pushing up against him. But why is there always a guy that you would actually love to cut a rug with interrupting the flow on the dance floor with some too-close action?

Without really knowing what to do, even the best dancers end up appearing as awkward goofballs with no rhythm.
Guys take note; the best move you can pull out is to twirl the girl. She’ll be putty in your hands.