The (Sold-Out-Yet-Accessible) State of Style Summit Schedule

Meghan Cross
The (Sold-Out-Yet-Accessible) State of Style Summit Schedule
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With less than one week until the State of Style Summit (it’s on February 7th), the day’s program is now live!

It’s true; the Summit is completely sold out. We are so privileged and humbled that the demand for our inaugural State of Style Summit with the 92Y is in such high demand, but we really want everyone to join us!

No matter where you are in the world, you’re cordially invited to be our guest at the State of Style Summit via webcast. Thanks to the fine folks over at Watchitoo, you can follow the entire day at and even on StyleCaster’s Facebook page.

Ask your questions in real-time via the live stream, and we’ll make sure that our speakers address them. (Don’t forget to include #StateofStyle in your questions!)

We really can’t wait to have all of these brilliant industry leaders in one place — be sure to check out the program right here on StyleCaster!