A Glamorous Ritual to Absorb the Energy of the Solar Eclipse

A Glamorous Ritual to Absorb the Energy of the Solar Eclipse

This month’s new moon is special. Because, as you likely well know by now, it coincides with a total solar eclipse. New moons always signal new beginnings, but coupled with an event like a total solar eclipse, it signifies that major change is yet to come. The universe is inviting you to slow down—to breathe, to revel in the calm before the storm. Are you listening?

Even the planets in our skies understand the importance of taking a break. Uranus has been retrograde since January. Jupiter, since early April. Saturn and Pluto (we’ll let it slide), since late April. Neptune just joined these planets in retrograde on June 21, leaving us with a sky full of planets that seem to be moving backward. Let this plethora of optical illusions remind you that sometimes, you may look like you’re moving backward when you’re not at all. Sometimes you may look like you’re moving backward when you’re actually moving forward. Progress isn’t as linear as we like to think it is. Breathe, give yourself a break, and recenter. Consider this an “active rest period.” Coast on the momentum you’ve already worked to build.

On July 2, the sun’s light will disappear. Don’t be afraid of the dark—but don’t try to stubbornly barrel forward through it, either. Accept that, for a few minutes, you won’t be able to see things the way you’re used to seeing them. Turn inward, instead. Self-reflect. Know that, with this eclipse, the universe wants you to see your own light and open your mind to the idea that the best is yet to come.

A solar eclipse ritual for harmony and acceptance:

  • At your altar, mix rose or orange blossom water with rose buds, lavender flowers and jasmine buds in a bottle—ideally under the light of the new moon. This special blend of herbs and charged water is designed for attraction, beauty, self-love and self-worth.
  • Let the bottle sit on your altar while you hold a tiny quartz or rose quartz crystal. Write words of affirmation, focusing on the things you love and find beautiful about yourself.
  • Now, give some focus to the areas you don’t love as much—but surround them with words of affirmation and beauty, too, as you write them down. Do the best you can, and try to keep your heart and intention light—I know this may not be easy.
  • Finish by writing down all the beautiful things you’d like to experience in this life.
  • Once you’re done writing, drop the quartz crystal into the charged floral water bottle, and let it sit near a window for a two days. On the second day, seal the bottle and carry it with you, misting your beautiful face whenever you need a self-love boost or a quick recharge.


This story was originally published on Horoscope.com.