The Drama Continues: Solange Yelled at Designer Rachel Roy Before Attacking Jay Z

Meghan Blalock

The Solange vs. Jay Z elevator drama continues, people. While we’ll probably never have the full story of what went down inside that elevator after the Met Gala, more details continue to leak. According to unnamed sources who spoke to Us Weeklyshortly before she got on the elevator with her sister and brother-in-law, Solange got into a verbal altercation with designer Rachel Roy.

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“Solange had yelled at [Roy] earlier at the after party, which was held at the [New York’s] Boom Boom Room in the Standard Hotel,” the source says. “Beyonce ‘got in the middle of it,’ though it remains unclear what it was about. According to another insider, Solange was yelling at a number of people; Roy, it turns out, was included in that group.”

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Far be it for us to speculate on what was going through Solange’s mind that night, but it seems like she was having a rough go at it, potentially picking fights with not just one individual but with multiples. Interestingly, Roy and Solange have been close in the past; Roy dressed Solange for the 2012 Met Gala, and attended the event with her.

Additionally, it seems that Solange has gone through her Instagram photos and deleted every single photo of Beyoncé, save for one from about 15 months ago. A quick review of Beyoncé’s blog doesn’t reveal much; there are still tons of pictures of Solange to be found there. What happened between the two sisters?

We’ll keep our eyes peeled and ears open for more details on what went down that night. There was definitely something off with the younger Knowles sibling!

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