Solange Knowles on Street Style: ‘I Just Walk and Try Not To Fall’

Meghan Blalock

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It can’t be easy to live in the shadow of big sister/all-around perfectionist Beyoncé, but Solange Knowles does better than fine. Aside from helming her own music career—just today, she launched a cultural website called Saint Heronwhere she will feature interviews with and original content from artists from her label Saint Records—taking care of her son Julez, and being an arbiter of fashion and style, Solange is a hot commodity during Fashion Week, music festivals, and other big-ticket events where street style photographers are swarming. We caught up with her at today’s “Need + Love” event with eBay, where Solange has curated a collection of goods available in real-time on the site

“I have no idea what the formula is! I see people who do it way better than me,” Solange (in an Etro top, Clover Canyon shorts, and Christian Siriano shoes) told StyleCaster of the street style phenomenon. “There’s levels to that. The street style bloggers definitely supersede the singers and actresses and sh*t. They have the best style—I see a lot of those girls going into the show, and I have half of the courage to go that full-on.”

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Even getting noticed by a street style photographer is still a mystery to one of the genre’s most in-demand stars.

“It’s like this weird generational thing with photo-taking, where it’s all about looking natural, but you pose looking natural,” she explains. “Like, ‘I’m not paying attention, but I still look perfect.’ Or ‘I’m on my phone, but I don’t make phone face.’ All of those things I have no idea how to navigate through. I’m still learning my damn self. I just walk and try not to fall.”

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If even Solange doesn’t know what she’s doing when it comes to street style, then there’s no hope for the rest of us. Be sure to head to eBay to check out her curated collection of products—plus other collections from the likes of Pharrell and designer Chris Benz—and shop them right now!