Surveillance Tape Shows Solange Knowles Trying to Attack Jay Z at Met Gala Party

Meghan Blalock

For those of you who, like us, count yourselves as fans of Solange, Jay Z, and/or Beyoncé in any measure, the following video—obtained by celebrity gossip site TMZ—might be hard to watch, and even harder to believe. In a surveillance video from one of the elevators at New York’s Standard Hotel—the spot of the official Met Gala after-party—you can see all three stars board, and then suddenly Solange lashes out at Jay Z while Beyoncé stands by. Watch the full clip here:

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Normally, we’d be questioning the authenticity of such a tape, but the three people in the clip are very clearly the three stars in question, down to Solange’s short haircut and her Phillip Lim dress. At first, Solange just gets up in Jay Z’s face to confront him about something, and he remains calm; then Solange starts to beat at him with her fists when the stars’ bodyguard pulls her away.

Beyoncé stands by awkwardly while Solange continues to come at Jay, thrashing at him and kicking. Unfortunately, there’s no sound on the video, so we have no idea what could have gotten Solange so riled up. It’s quite shocking to watch, considering that all three of these people maintain very calm and collected public personas.

There’s no telling exactly how the ultra-sleuthy team at TMZ got their hands on the video, but there’s no doubt a significant amount of cash changed hands. When we called TMZ’s Los Angeles office to gather more information on the video, a representative there told us, “We’re unable to give out more information on the video than what’s on the website.”

We have no doubt, though, that more information will come out over the next couple of days!

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