Sofía Vergara’s New Denim Line Is Everything You Love About Expensive Brands—at Prices

Maggie Griswold
Sofía Vergara’s New Denim Line Is Everything You Love About Expensive Brands—at Prices
Photo: Walmart.

While so many actors eventually dip their toes in the sartorial waters, not every celebrity clothing line is personal, size-inclusive or affordable. Maybe it’s difficult for celebrities to understand that not everyone can afford the same things they can, but we still want to look cute. Luckily for us, Sofía Vergara’s denim line just dropped, and I got to talk to her about the inspiration behind the affordable and size-inclusive collection.

The Modern Family actress’ new clothing line was mainly inspired by her family members. “The women in my family are exactly the people [who] shop at Walmart,” she tells StyleCaster. “So, I convinced them to let me use their names in each of the designs of the jeans, because they’re all so different, and I wanted to make a jean that would fit everyone.” Personally, I got to try the “Paula” jogger, and they felt like literal pajama pants. Seriously, I couldn’t get myself to take them off. If all of the denim in Vergara’s new line is that comfortable, we all have some serious shopping to do.

sofia vergara in the sofia skinny studded mid rise stretch ankle jean open back knit banded bottom Sofía Vergaras New Denim Line Is Everything You Love About Expensive Brands—at Prices


In terms of affordability, Vergara has our backs (and budgets): Every item in the line is under $40. It’s because Vergara gets it. “I am a big shopper. I love clothes. I love shoes. I love makeup—hair,” she says. “And many times I think, oh, this is super expensive and I know that this could be a lot cheaper or more affordable.” The actress didn’t grow up with a celebrity’s budget, and her family and friends still don’t have the same access to luxury items that she has now. Her goal, then, was to create affordable clothes that rival the expensive brands most of us can’t buy. “There’s so many more materials [now]; there’s so many different cuts and sizes,” Vergara says. “So, it’s a lot of fun to bring super high-end to an affordable price and still do the same thing—look the same, feel the same, won’t stretch during the day…”

Plus, the entire line is size-inclusive. Denim runs sizes 0-20 and tops XS-XXXL. Liz Rizzo, director of exclusive brands at, was quick to point out that the line could very well expand beyond those sizes, as well. They plan to listen to customer feedback very carefully and do their best to cater to what shoppers want. So, if your size isn’t included in the line, let your voice be heard, babe!

Occasionally, even when brands are size-inclusive, the models wearing the clothes are all the same size (usually between a 0 and 4, which, personally, I haven’t been since I was a mere 7 years old). But Vergara wanted to make sure that there were all different sizes and shapes of models wearing her clothes. “When you’re going to go online…to pick the jean that you want,” she says, “we have models that are relatable to you. Like, this one with the big hips looks like me, or this woman with no ass looks like me! And oh, look how great she looks!”

sofia jeans by sofia vergara group shot Sofía Vergaras New Denim Line Is Everything You Love About Expensive Brands—at Prices


The actress also added one of her favorite symbols to the line—the evil eye. “When you’re selling something like this, offering something like this, you want people to know that it’s really close to you and something you created,” Vergara says. “And one of the most important symbols that I always have [on]…is the evil eye… My mom used to put evil eye things [around] to protect us, supposedly—to protect us from the bad energies and bad people, and I always have [an evil eye on].” The tags on the back of all the denim feature the evil eye, and there are several graphic tees that boast the symbol as well. Plus, with each purchase, you get a free (!!) evil eye bracelet. (I’m wearing mine right now—it’s super cute!)

When I ask Vergara which jean in the line was her favorite, she points to the ones she was wearing—the “Sofía” jean, which she named after herself, because it’s the type of jean she wears every day. “I wear it with high heels; I can wear it with high-top sneakers,” she says. “But then I love the flare ones, or the white jeans that are sexier. I tried to make a big selection so that people can go in and pick whatever they really like.” Basically, what Vergara is saying is that you can’t go wrong.

sofia vergara in sofia jeans by sofia vergara Sofía Vergaras New Denim Line Is Everything You Love About Expensive Brands—at Prices


Sofía Vergara’s entire line (nearly 100 items!) is available now only on While the collection’s focus is denim, the tops and tees are all cute (and soft AF—I felt them myself, and I’m a connoisseur of cozy). The line is affordable, size-inclusive and stylish—a true fashion triple threat.