Sofia Vergara Looks Unrecognizable with New Super-Blunt Bangs

Sofia Vergara Looks Unrecognizable with New Super-Blunt Bangs
Photo: Getty Images

‘Tis the season to look bangin’—at least, according to the slew of celebrities who chopped their wispy long locks into super-cute bangs this summer. Ie: Kylie Jenner, Zendaya, and Kendall Jenner. (Though a couple of these are def clip ons or the work of faux bangs hair gods.) Next to join the pack? Well, it’s none other than Sofia Vergara—and from the looks of it, her bangs are au naturel. (Take that, faux bangs hair gods.)

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Though the 45-year-old has had a couple note-worthy hair switches over the years (she’s a natural blonde, ya kno), her “Modern Family” co-workers Sarah Hyland (who got a major platinum blonde bob a few months ago) and Ariel Winter (who went fiery red earlier this summer) are typically the ones we keep on our 24/7 hair radar. Of course, until now.

The Colombia-born actress put herself back in the running for “Modern Family” hair queen on Sunday when she debuted her new super-blunt bangs on Instagram. Along with getting the fiercest eyebrow-grazing bangs we’ve seen this summer, Vergara also ditched her usual honey brown for the bottom half of her hair and dyed it a lighter, champagne color.

In the selfie, the actress naturally served mega face while thanking her hairstylist, Kelly Klain, for the drool-worthy new do. “New haircut 😁gracias !!#kellyklain💇🏽,” she wrote in the caption.

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Like the super-funny sitcom star she is, Vergara also poked fun at her blunt bangs with a meme comparing herself to Mexican sitcom character, La Chilindrina, from the comedy, “El Chavo del Ocho.” “I stole her look😂,” she captioned a photo of her with pigtails and disheveled bangs identical to La Chilindrina’s.

Though Vergara makes us crack up on the reg on “Modern Family” and, we guess, now Instagram, her hair is no laughing matter. Loving bangs, girl!