Sofia Vergara Goes Twitter-Crazy On Italian Vacay

Kerry Pieri
Sofia Vergara Goes Twitter-Crazy On Italian Vacay
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Sofia Vergara. Photos: @SofiaVergara, Twitpics

You know that long-running joke about old people and how they used to unwittingly torture friends and neighbors with endless vacation slideshows? Apparently, Modern Family‘s resident hot chick Sofia Vergara has taken the age-old past time into the 21st century with a pictorial play by play of her recent Mediterranean get-away on Twitter.

Amongst under 140 character grammar-be-damned messages like, “I’m on my way to Italy to eat a lot of pasta for 2 weeks….,” “Chilliiing at the hotel in Sardinia” “Ciao my Italian bread..see ya next year. I go to Greece now,” and “This is going to be my uniform for the next 2 weeks!!! Yeeeiiii” the Latin beauty posted ample images of her um, ample assets.

For old time’s sake we put some of the best in the slideshow for you above. Hey, at least the over-sharer can rock a bikini.

Follow the play by play @SofiaVergara @StyleCaster

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