Sofia Richie Is Out Here Wearing Silky Pajamas As Street Style, So Anything Is Possible

Maggie Griswold
Sofia Richie Is Out Here Wearing Silky Pajamas As Street Style, So Anything Is Possible
Photo: Getty Images.

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Well, folks, we’re well into the holiday season, and it’s taking all my energy to put on anything other than sweatpants. All I want to do is eat cookies and watch holiday films, but there’s a real world out there in which I must participate. Luckily, though, it seems Sofia Richie has heard my cry for compromise, and has given us all the gift of comfort plus style. Sofia Richie’s Saudi Arabia vacation look is basically just silky pajamas—and I’m very into it. I’m all for turning cozy loungewear into elevated street style. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to combine the clothes you wear around the house when no one is looking and chic looks you actually want on your Instagram feed? It’s the best of both worlds, and Sofia Richie gets it.

Posing in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton Riyadh in Saudi Arabia (because of course), Sofia Richie showed us all how to rock the pajamas-as-street-clothes look. The pale pink and silky matching set is the perfect combination of cozy sleepwear and cool-girl street style. I truly hope that Richie wore this exact ensemble on her plane to Saudi Arabia, because I can only imagine how comfortable she must have been the entire trip. In fact, this might be the perfect travel outfit. You heard it here first, folks.

Of course, what would a mini vacation be without our loved ones? Sofia Richie was joined by the infamous Scott Disick for the MDL Beast Festival: a collection of music, art and culture. I’m sure we’ll soon get some incredible wintry festival looks, but I’m presently satisfied with the luxe pajama look Sofia Richie has already blessed us with today. So if you see me at a coffee shop wearing some holiday pajamas, don’t judge. It’s called fashion.