Sofia Richie’s Net Worth Really Puts Her Relationship With Ex Scott Disick Into Perspective

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When you’re Lionel Richie’s daughter, you already know that you’ve got plenty going for you. But Sofia Richie’s net worth reveals that she’s so much more than the legendary singer’s kid. At 21, Sofia is a model, reality star, and Instagram influencer-extraordinaire. Oh, and she dated Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s Scott Disick. No biggie.

All of that means that Sofia boasts a pretty hefty net worth, especially for her age. Though some might now be wondering if the young star is earning more or less than Scott Disick after their recent breakup. Truth be told, there’s a reason why everyone calls Scott, 37, “Lord Disick”—he’s packing a lot of money under his Flip It Like Disick empire. But that doesn’t mean Sofia’s earning chum change on her own.

For everything we know about Sofia Richie’s net worth following her breakup from Scott, just keep on reading.

How much did Sofia Richie make from Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

ICYMI: Sofia recently made her KUWTK debut after dating Scott Disick—a.k.a. Kourtney Kardashian’s ex—for nearly three years. While we don’t have exact details about her salary, we do know that Scott makes somewhere around $500,000 per season—so we can expect Sofia was getting a pretty hefty paycheck, too. Now that she and Scott are no longer an item, however, there’s no telling whether she’ll keep her role on KUWTK at all. Honestly, there’s still a possibility given her close friendship to Kylie Jenner. But it remains to be seen!

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How else does Sofia Richie make her money?

Sofia Richie kicked off her career as a model when she was only 14, and has since worked with dozens of major brands from Chanel to Michael Kors. She’s also taken her career to print, having been featured in the likes of Vogue, Elle, Seventeen, and more.

Aside from her lucrative career as a model, however, Sofia makes big bucks from social media. suggests that the young star could be making anywhere up to $60,000 per post on Instagram. Add in her branded partnerships with brands like Missguided, and there’s no doubt that Sofia’s ranking in huge paychecks on the daily.

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What is Sofia Richie’s net worth in 2020?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sofia Richie’s net worth $8 million as of May 2020. That’s a whole $3 million more than what was previously reported in November 2019—we see you making those gains, Sofia!

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