Sofia Richie Celebrates Her 18th Birthday with Justin Bieber by Her Side

Sofia Richie Celebrates Her 18th Birthday with Justin Bieber by Her Side
Photo: Wenn

Sofia Richie is deeply living her best life right now. She turned 18 yesterday, and to celebrate, she hit the club(s) with Justin Bieber. To put this in perspective, there is pretty much nothing else any right-minded 18-year-old girl (woman? Not a girl, not yet a woman) the world over would more love than to party all night at The Nice Guy and Doheny Room in L.A. with the Biebs by her side to celebrate her 18th revolution around the sun. Nothing.

The paparazzi caught Bichie—can we call them that?—out on the town last night, and though neither responded to the typical barrage of asinine questions from the paps, they both seemed to be in good spirits—exceptionally good spirits, perhaps, at least on Richie’s part.

Though Bieber has dated casually here and there since The Great Jelena Breakup of 2014, he hasn’t been seen nonstop by someone’s side—or jetted anyone off to Tokyo with him for a few days—until now. Nor has he, an avid Instagrammer until this week, deleted his Instagram for anyone—or for any reason at all—until now. ICYMI, after he threatened to delete his IG last week if fans didn’t lay off on the negativity re: Bichie, Selena Gomez threw some serious shade his way, drama ensued—and poof—no more Bieber IG, breaking hearts ’round the globe.

TBD re: Bichie’s future, but one thing is for sure: Richie is having the best time while this all unfolds. Just watch her gaiety in the video below. It is infectious!