Sofia Richie’s Relationship With Scott Disick Is Concerning To Nicole Richie

Aramide Tinubu
Sofia & Nicole Richie
Photo: STYLECASTER/Getty Images.

Sometimes our siblings are hella annoying. However, the majority of the time, they just want what’s best for us. Scott Disick has strained Sofia and Nicole Richie’s relationship, and it’s upsetting. Though the sisters still chat and they certainly aren’t feuding–big sis, Nicole is very concerned about what 36-year-old Scott–who has three young children is doing with her 21-year-old model baby sis.

An insider told Hollywood Life that as Scott and Sofia’s relationship has grown over the past two years–things have certainly become strained for the sisters. “Nicole and Sofia’s relationship has definitely become strained as Sofia’s relationship with Scott has grown more serious,” the insider revealed. “Nicole was concerned when Scott and Sofia first started dating, but she didn’t really think they would last or become as serious as they have.”

If you recall–in her early ’20s, Nicole had more than her fair share of wild times. However, the 37-year old has grown tremendously in the past decade-plus, and we can certainly see why she wouldn’t want her sweet sister to travel down the same path. She also doesn’t want Sofia to miss out on her care-free twenties because she’s dealing with a dude with a vast amount of responsibilities.

The source continued, “Nicole knows how mature Sofia is and that she can handle herself like an adult, but at the same time she’s also her baby sister and sees her as so young with a bright future ahead of her. She should be focused on her career and herself — not on a relationship with a man that already has three kids.”

Though Scott and Sofia have talked about marriage–Sofia doesn’t have any interest in becoming a stepmom right now. Since the pair have been dating since May 2017–Nicole has done her best to hold her tongue and allow her sister to make her own choices. The source explained,

She will never stop caring or worrying about the choices Sofia makes. Nicole and Sofia still talk on occasion, but their relationship is definitely not as strong as it used to be because Sofia lives with Scott and spends all her time with him. She doesn’t want to ruin her happiness with Scott — Nicole wants her to be careful because Scott is Sofia’s first real love and that makes a heart and can break a heart. Nicole will always be there for her sister and she also wants to be like a Mom-figure a little bit. Nicole would love nothing more than to have a solid relationship with her sister, and she is working on that day by day.

Luckily, Scott seems to be treating Sofia well. He had the sweetest welcome home surprise for her when she went on a girls trip with Kylie Jenner. Also, he gifted her an Aston Martin for her 21st birthday earlier this month. Let’s just hope that Sofia and Nicole can work on their sisterly bond.