Sofia Coppola Weds in an Angelic, Lavender Alaïa

Jessica Rubin

Sofia Coppola‘s fashion influence can be felt far and wide. Her movies, most notably Marie Antoinette, have influenced couture collections from design superstars Dior and Chanel, and she herself plays muse to the talented Marc Jacobs. Describing Coppola, Marc Jacobs gushed, “She is young and sweet and beautiful. The epitome of this girl I fantasize of.” Coppola’s eye for fashion was certainly apparent during her marriage to Thomas Mars on Saturday. The ever-sartorially inclined bride wore a dress designed by Azzedine Alaa, which was romantic, soft, classic, and lavender. Oh so Coppola.

The wedding took place at the Coppola’s family villa in Bernalda, Italy. Both the ceremony and the gown were a far cry from the recent lavish Hollywood weddings that have been the focus of media attention. The elegant simplicity of Coppola’s Alaa gown compliments the wedding’s location and speaks to the bride’s impeccable taste.

What do you think of Sofia Coppola’s gown? We think Coppola and Alaa is a match made in fashion heaven.

Photo via PEOPLE

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