Socks and Sandals Are Happening: 10 Ways to Rock the Trend This Spring

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Socks and Sandals Are Happening: 10 Ways to Rock the Trend This Spring
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Stop the presses, everyone! The Olsen twins stepped out in matching socks and sandals yesterday, so now they’re officially a thing. Originally considered one of the fashion rules you just never, ever break, now the door has been opened and, overnight, it’s become an acceptable thing to do.

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We’re okay with it, and we’ll tell you why: as we’ve noted before, we think socks are an oft overlooked, super stylish accessory. They’re getting more and more modern, with brands like Stance creating them in fun prints, wild colors, and even incorporating elements like fringe. If done right, they look super cute under sandals for Spring, and are perfect for days that are a little bit more chilly than you’d prefer.

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Click through the gallery above for 10 different ways to rock the Olsen-approved look!

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1. Bravely rock thigh highs.

As we've seen, the '90s are having a major resurgence in the fashion world at the moment, and that goes for the whole socks-and-sandals movement as well. This outfit totally looks like something Cher from "Clueless" may have worn on one of her more casual days; we love the look of thigh-high socks with strappy sandals. This is great for Spring days that are just a little bit more chilly than you'd like.

Photo: NYC Dauphine

2. Opt for athletic gear.

This is a look that says you’ve run out of damns to give and, just maybe, that it’s laundry day—and yet it’s still kind of intriguing. If you’re bold enough to rock a Nike or Adidas logo over your strappy sandals, then more power to you. You’ll likely be able to pull it off just by trying it.

Photo: We Heart It

3. Do dark under black.

For the slightly more conservative set, there's still a way to rock the modern take on socks and sandals: dark socks under black sandals. From a distance, people will barely be able to tell you're wearing socks under straps, but get close enough, and everyone is in for a sartorial treat.

Photo: StreetTonic


4. Break all the rules.

If you're a girl who's even considering wearing socks and sandals together, you're probably already a rule-breaker by nature. Take it as far as you want, wearing multiple prints, colors that others might say clash, and throw in a ruffle if you feel like it. No one will be able to say you didn't make a statement.

Photo: ImaxTree


5. Add a pop of color.

Socks are having a sort of resurgence on their own. With brands like Stance making them is super-rad patterns and colors, socks aren't just a boring ole staple item anymore. Use your sandals as a tool to show off your socks; stick with neon, stripes, polka dots, or whatever your heart desires!

Photo: ImaxTree

Photo: Vincenzo Grillo/IMAXTREE.COM

Photo: ImaxTree

Photo: Vincenzo Grillo/IMAXTREE.COM

6. Pick a chunky shoe.

The word "sandal" tends to conjure images of really strappy, dainty little things that can barely hang on to your feet. But that's not the case; there are plenty of chunkier, heartier pairs out there that look ultra-cool and modern with a pair of patterned socks under them.

Photo: Urban Outfitters

7. Matchy matchy goes a long way.

One of our favorite takes on the trend color-matching: wearing a pair of socks the same exact color as your shoes. This is really fun if your shoes, like this girl's, are a particularly bright, spring-friendly shade. Think: pink, yellow, orange, blues.

Photo: ASOS

8. Shine bright like a diamond.

In that same vein, another great take on the socks-and-sandals trend is wearing stockings that stand as a contrast to your shoes. Go wild with color choices here: pinks with blues, greens with oranges, purples with yellows. It's a great look.


9. Show off those ankles.

If there's a "sexy" way to wear socks with sandals, this is it: wear really tiny ankle socks, preferably ones that fall below your ankle bones. The more leg you show, the leaner you'll look, and you'll avoid the whole stumpy look socks can sometimes cause.

Photo: A Love Is Blind

10. Pair the thickest socks you own with the strappiest sandals you own.

Here's a bold suggestion: peruse your wardrobe and pair the two most extreme ends of the spectrum: thick, wool socks, and tiny, thin strappy sandals. It might feel a little awkward at first, but it's sure to make a statement, and is a really fun look for a dinner party or other festive social gatherings.

Photo: Dries van Noten Fall 2013, ImaxTree

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