10 Social Media Hoaxes We All Fell For In 2013

Meghan Blalock

In terms of social media, 2013 was a fairly crazy year. Between the introduction of Instagram video, Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr for a staggering $1.1 billion, Snapchat’s rejection of Facebook’s proposed $3 billion acquisition, and Pinterest’s new mapping tool, it was a major year on every social front. And nothing was more major than the crazy hoaxes that were born, lived, and died on social media this year.

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In September, there was the “twerking fail” video, which went viral overnight and had people cackling in their cubicles from coast to coast. Talk show host/general funny guy Jimmy Kimmel revealed a week later that he was behind the whole thing. Then in November, there was that epic Elan Gale vs. Diane live-Tweet battle on a cross-country flight, which turned out to be totally fake.

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Click through the gallery to see this year’s top 10 social media hoaxes! We all fell for them, but now we know better.