Meet The Snelfie: A Selfie Taken While You Sneeze

It appears today’s millennials are so starved for excitement that they’ve taken to Instagramming themselves sneezing for fun. Yes people, the Snelfie is now a thing. Why? Probably the same reasons we gleefully post #funeralselfies, #aftersex selfies, and #belfies—we’re a hashtag-obsessed people with nothing better to do.

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Fine, that’s not entirely true—we also have time to post #flaylay and #fromwhereistand shots, too!

In all seriousness, managing to capture yourself mid-sneeze is pretty impressive—unless you can achoo on command, there’s no do-overs. Plus, it’s kind of nice that not everyone on Instagram is fixated on orchestrating their photos within an inch of their life.

In some cases, the #snelfie even comes with a free lesson, as user @jvzmxn so eloquently put it: “Lmao #snelfie sneezed during a selfie session #nofilteryou get all the germs. Gross jaz, cover ur mouth.#allergies.”

Just a caveat, it seems if you decide to search the hashtag, you might also find photos of people in blizzards, as #snelfie also can means “snow selfie.”

h/t The Cut