Sneaker Trends 2023: 10 Pairs Guaranteed To Up Your Street Style

Sneaker Trends 2023: 10 Pairs Guaranteed To Up Your Street Style
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It’s probably time to replace those sneakers. You know, the pair that was once stark white and has now transformed into an unidentifiable shade of dirty from the music festivals, vacations, dive bars and nature walks you’ve worn them for. Moving on from a pair of sneakers is a bittersweet feeling—you’ve been through a lot together! If you’re feeling hesitant, I understand but I promise the sneaker trends for 2023 will make you excited to slip your feet into a new pair. 

Plus, you’re guaranteed to form a lasting bond with one of the 2023 sneaker trends because they have a few common, loveable factors. For starters, every shoe on the list is undoubtedly comfortable—it’s hard to have a passion for fashion if your feet hurt! And as an added bonus, the trends are super cute and include a style for everyone. Keep reading for the 10 pairs you should consider to kick off 2023. 

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Tread Widely

Sneakers with exposed tread are the latest design choice to trend in 2023. When in doubt, tread is trendy, tread is trendy—just say it three times fast and a pair of New Balance’s will appear (I wish). Shoes with a wide tread are a design option that looks cool while having increased functionality which can be hard to find. Brands like New Balance are leading the tread charge with an entire line of sneakers featuring an overexposed jagged tread—if you’re looking for something a little more subtle, opt for a platform tread. Most sneaker brands make a pair but I’m partial to the styles by Veja.

STYLECASTER | Sneaker Trends 2023

Courtesy of SeaVees.

SeaVees Royal Runner

These retro-inspired sneakers will add some prep to your step—and an extra bit of flair with the exposed rainbow-speckled tread. This pair comes in three colorways so you can match them with any athleisure look or cute outfit.

STYLECASTER | Sneaker Trends 2023

Courtesy of New Balance.

New Balance RC 30

This pair of New Balance shoes aren’t your average pair of sneakers. For starters, the body is made out of suede and comes in a soft lavender hue. The main focus of the shoe is, of course, the wide exposed tread (which will also help prevent the suede from getting dirty). This pair is definitely meant more for everyday wear and less for sport.

Keep Score

Ok soccer stars, you might not have kicked a ball since middle school but it’s time to get your Adidas Sambas on and get back on the field. Fashion coach Bella Hadid kicked off the Samba sneaker trend and now I’m unable to scroll on my TikTok FYP without seeing an unboxing. Luckily, this trend is on the more affordable side (the shoes are under $80) and is super cute and comfortable to wear. Score!

STYLECASTER | Sneaker Trends 2023

Courtesy of adidas.

Samba Classic Sneakers

For Bella Hadid-approved style, you can’t go wrong with the classic Adidas Samba sneakers. This pair is unisex so you can expect everyone to be wearing these all year. Plus, they have stellar arch support.

STYLECASTER | Sneaker Trends 2023

Courtesy of Adidas.

Gazelle Shoes

Adidas Samba sneakers are hard to get your hands on but this pair of Gazelle sneakers capture the same vibe (and are available in a full-size range!). The low silhouette—which was originally intended for skateboarding—is the basis of the Samba trend. Pair these sneakers with crew socks and a mini skirt for the full Bella Hadid-inspired look.


Go The Distance

Similarly to the Adidas Sambas trend, sometimes a very niche shoe will break out of its typical consumer box and enter the mainstream space. Ask any hiker if they’ve bought a pair of “trendy” Salomon sneakers or any distance runner if they’ve worn “cute” Hokas for their morning walks—you’re going to get an eye roll as a response because these groups have been wearing and loving these sneaker brands for ages. I’ll admit that both styles of shoes fit in the “so ugly they’re cute” category of shoes—I now own three pairs of Salomons and now fully think they’re the height of fashion. To be fair, I did purchase a pair for a legitimate hike.

STYLECASTER | Sneaker Trends 2023

Courtesy of Salomon.

Salomon XT-6 Skyline Unisex Shoes

From hiking trails to downtown NYC street style, get a shoe that can do both. The Salomon trail running sneakers have been spending a lot more time in the city (and are another Bella Hadid favorite). For an untraditional but increasingly popular urban look, you can’t go wrong with this sporty style. The best colorways are in the men’s section so order your size accordingly.

STYLECASTER | Sneaker Trends 2023

Courtesy of Hoka.

Hoka Bondi 8 Sneakers

The chunky aesthetic of Hoka sneakers may take a minute to visually grow on you but I promise you’ll love them once they’re on your feet. This sneaker has become the new staple of hot girl walks and will look great with your athleisure apparel coffee runs.

Run It Retro

If there are two pairs of shoes that should make a “top trends” list every single year, it’s without a doubt high-top Converse and the C 85 Vintage Reeboks. Though both of these shoes will see big waves of popularity every few years, they truly never go out of style. These vintage styles have been around for so long because they’re comfortable, affordable and simply look cool with every style of outfit. They may not be good shoes for running, but they’re good for every other activity.

STYLECASTER | Sneaker Trends 2023

Courtesy of Converse.

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Classic

For a classic retro sneaker, there is no better option than the Converse Chuck Taylor high tops. A classic black pair is the ultimate shoe to wear with jeans, cargo pants, a maxi skirt or truly whatever is in your wardrobe. A timeless, lifelong excellent purchase.

STYLECASTER | Sneaker Trends 2023

Courtesy of Reebok.

Reebok Club C 85 Vintage Sneakers

When I’m not sure what shoes to wear, I always gravitate toward my vintage-inspired white Reeboks. They always look fresh and keep my feet comfortable for miles and miles.

Set The Pace

This is a trend that I hope never goes anywhere: the traditional sporty running shoe. Balenciaga released a line of sneakers last year that were sleek, sporty and had just the right about of “dad” feel. I was debating dropping an unjustifiable amount of money on the running shoes (hey, Justin Bieber wore them!) until I released that they looked identical to Asics and the brand had been making the style for years. I purchased Asics running shoes instead for a fraction of the price (and better quality) and have been wearing them for both runs and fashion meetings ever since.

STYLECASTER | Sneaker Trends 2023

Courtesy of Asics.

Asics Gel-Kayano 14 Sneakers

For fashion-approved running shoes, look no further than anything created by Asics. Not only is the brand incredibly functional and comfortable, it’s also the OG quintessential sleek, sporty shoe. I can’t go two days without wearing this pair.

STYLECASTER | Sneaker Trends 2023

Courtesy of adidas x Stella McCartney.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Solar Glide Sneakers

I can always count on the Adidas by Stella McCartney collab to have a pair of colorful sneakers. This tangy green and orange pair totally makes my mouth water.

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