Smythe Puts Jackets Front and Center (and on Kate Middleton)

Smythe Puts Jackets Front and Center (and on Kate Middleton)
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Made and designed in Canada by childhood friends Christie Smythe and Andrea Lenczner, Smythe is quickly becoming the global fashion insiders go-to label for timeless, amazing jackets and outerwear. Since 2004, the brand has incorporated menswear tailoring elements into classic womens styles while perfecting fit and silhouette, even adding blouses and tops into the mix along the way.

We would say the iconic Smythe girl likes to appear effortlessly chic, prefers tailored clothes, and although she is absolutely fashion conscious, she believes in good quality investments and chooses pieces that will be relevant for more than one season, reveals Lenczner. One of our philosophies when we started the brand was to build loyalty into our silhouettes. As long as we feel a shape is still relevant and exciting, then we will put it into successive collections in new fabrications or with some evolved details.

This notion of fashion as a continuing evolution rather than constant change inspires the brand, which is known for its iconic yet modern takes on wardrobe staples. We take inspiration from so many different places a women on the street, a textile, a print, magazines, movies, travel, blogs, vintage clothing and, of course, by each other, Lenczner explains.

Lifestyle is another huge design inspiration. As working mothers, we have many different outerwear and jacket needs ranging from the rugged to the more glamorous. For fall, these inspirations have translated into sharp tailored blazers piped with cord, classic cashmere coats and voluminous, textured toppers as wearable as they are swoon-worthy.

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