The 3 Smartest Zodiac Signs Are Definitely Secret Nerds

Brenna Lilly
The 3 Smartest Zodiac Signs Are Definitely Secret Nerds
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If you’re a library regular, community wisdom-holder, mathematics whiz, or just have an extra-sharp memory, there’s a chance you’re one of the smartest signs in the zodiac. Whether or not you like astrology, admit itaren’t you just a little curious?

Before I get into my lighthearted roundup, a disclaimer: When I speak of “intelligence” in the zodiac, I’m not hypothesizing which zodiac signs most frequently join Mensa or trying to figure out which of us got the best grades in school (Because it sure wasn’t me!). I’m just here to give you some fun insight into which zodiac signs might be more inclined towards education in all its forms. Cool? Cool.

When I think of “smart people,” I think of folks who enjoy the process of learning. Some of us just aren’t as invested in intellectual pursuits, which is A-OK! Others, however, find joy in poring through textbooks, postulating theories and collecting knowledge from teachers both formally and informally.

Maybe your passion is ancient philosophy or mythology, or even physics or biology. Perhaps you study your ancestry, or have been given expertise from the elders or teachers of your particular spiritual lineage. Intelligence is SO subjective and looks different for everyone. You don’t have to have an Ivy League degree to be considered “smart.” The consciousness is shifting, my friends!

So—are you ready? Give me a drumroll, please! Here are—in no particular order—three of the smartest signs in the zodiac wheel.

STYLECASTER | Aquarius Zodiac Sign

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Aquarius is the evil genius of the zodiac, and I say that with so, SO much love. You love to be the smartest person in the room—and, sometimes, you actually are. You’re the fixed air sign of the zodiac, which means you’re an intense combination of stubborn and intellectual.

Aquarians have a reputation for their steely gazes and calculating personalities, but I know that there’s empathy and intuition deep inside (you’re the sign of the water-bearer, after all). Just don’t push people away by showing off!


STYLECASTER | Capricorn Zodiac Sign

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Capricorn, you RUN shit with a blend of intelligence and wisdom (Think: books smarts plus emotional smarts). You strong-willed folk have cardinal earth energy, which means you enjoy taking charge of situations and grounding your decisions in reality.

Capricorns are often wiser than their years, gifted with a seemingly otherworldly wisdom. You’re often sought after for your sage advice and grounding presence. Whether you enjoy it or not, people are attracted to you for your level-headed nature and expertiseuse your Universe-given smarts wisely.


STYLECASTER | Virgo Zodiac Sign

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Virgos have a reputation for being a little neurotic, which I believe is a misunderstanding. Your pickyness and attention to detail are advantages, not annoyances! You’ve been gifted with mental sharpness beyond the normyou’re deeply aware of your surroundings, people’s behaviors and even (if you’re on the more intuitive side) people’s energies.

You have an excellent memory and organizational skills, Virgo, while still being deeply grounded (you’ve got mutable earth energy!). If you can keep yourself from stressing out, your intellect will take you far. 

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