Small States Have Big Love For Twilight

Jessica Rubin

It could be the person next to you on the subway, your barista at Starbucks or your English professor. But someone you know (or you) is seriously obsessed with Twilight. We’re talking kissing Edward’s poster goodnight, ready to name their childRenesmee, obsessed. So Goodreads decided to conduct a study plotting out where the heaviest fan base for the books was located within the United States.

According to an io9 article, while most enthusiasm was proportional to the size of a state’s population, Utah, which is the 34th most populous state in America, is home to the 6th largest Twilight readership. And Salt Lake City, only the 125th largest city in the U.S., is right behind New York in the number of Twilight reviews their citizens generate.

The less surprising finds of the study are that more women read Twilight than men and are also more likely to enjoy the series. Then again, this only takes into account those Twihards who use Goodreads. I’m willing to bet there are a few motorcycle-riding, beer-slinging guys out there who shed a tear or two when Edward and Bella finally tie the knot. There’s nothing more beautiful than true love and the birth of a half vampire child. Right?

Image courtesy of Letters To Twilight.

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