7 Genius Small Kitchens Ideas for Smarter Storage

Kristen Bousquet

Unfortunately, we aren’t all lucky enough to have huge homes with magazine-worthy kitchens. In fact, many of us probably┬álive in small studio apartments in large cities with just enough space to pop something in the microwave and be on our way. Luckily, there are some small kitchen ideas for smart storage that we are dying to try out.

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Having a small kitchen may seem frustrating especially when it comes to storage, but there are some seriously simple solutions to make your kitchen look and feel like a million bucks. Just by taking advantage of floating shelves, magnets and hanging devices, and cleaning some of your appliances out, you’ll be able to turn your kitchen into one┬áthat is clean, decluttered and just right!

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We’ve scoured the web for some of the smartest storage solutions for those of you with small kitchens. Click through the slideshow to check them out now!

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