7 Genius Small Kitchens Ideas for Smarter Storage

Kristen Bousquet
7 Genius Small Kitchens Ideas for Smarter Storage
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Unfortunately, we aren’t all lucky enough to have huge homes with magazine-worthy kitchens. In fact, many of us probably live in small studio apartments in large cities with just enough space to pop something in the microwave and be on our way. Luckily, there are some small kitchen ideas for smart storage that we are dying to try out.

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Having a small kitchen may seem frustrating especially when it comes to storage, but there are some seriously simple solutions to make your kitchen look and feel like a million bucks. Just by taking advantage of floating shelves, magnets and hanging devices, and cleaning some of your appliances out, you’ll be able to turn your kitchen into one that is clean, decluttered and just right!

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We’ve scoured the web for some of the smartest storage solutions for those of you with small kitchens. Click through the slideshow to check them out now!

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1. Look for storage that you can pull out of hiding. 

If you can make it unseen when unneeded and reappear when you're ready to use it, it'll create space in your tiny kitchen. For example, if you are cooking a large dinner and need some extra space to cook, why not use a pull out cutting board? For the times when you don't need so much space, it easily can be hidden underneath and will make your kitchen feel larger and less cluttered.

Photo: Better Homes & Gardens

2. Magnets are your BFF.

If it can stick to a magnet, you've got yourself a solution. Knives, spices, you name it. Anything that can stick to a magnet can easily be stored anywhere you have extra space whether that be on the wall, inside a cabinet, or inside your pantry.

Photo: The Everygirl

3. Hang everything you possibly can.

Pots, pans, utensils—many of these popular kitchen items have holes in their handles for easy hanging. To keep the clutter out of your drawers and cabinets, hang your pots and pans on a wall, storage shelf, or even inside a cabinet for easy access.

Photo: Apartment Therapy

4. Don't stick to strictly kitchen furniture.

If your kitchen doesn't have much cabinet space, don't be afraid to use bookshelves and other furniture to store your favorite, most stylish glasses, cups and mugs in. It's the perfect way to channel your style in a kitchen that doesn't have much space. 

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5. Hide everything that you don't use daily.

Do a proper inventory of everything in your kitchen. If you don't use it on the daily, don't leave it on the counter. This will lessen the amount of clutter you have in your kitchen. A clean, decluttered kitchen can make your space feel much larger than it actually is. 

Photo: Halifax Bloggers

6. Opt for the smaller version of everything.

Since your kitchen is smaller than most, opting for smaller appliances and furniture only makes sense. Rather than choosing a kitchen table that takes up almost the entire room, choose something a bit smaller like a simple breakfast bar. Also, many appliances come in smaller apartment-friendly sizes for those with smaller kitchens. It will take up less counter and storage space and leave more room for the important stuff: food!

Photo: Offbeat and Inspired

7. Hang shelves to create even more storage space. 

Some kitchens are free of cabinets completely (or are lacking enough) and this is where hanging shelves come into play. Screw these floating shelves into your wall and instantly, you'll be able to declutter your kitchen counters and store things above on the shelves.

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