14 Satisfying Gluten-Free Meals You Can Make In Your Slow Cooker

Jane Asher
14 Satisfying Gluten-Free Meals You Can Make In Your Slow Cooker
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When it comes to delicious lunch and dinner recipes, it can be hard to find meals that are both drool-worthy and safe for gluten-sensitive stomachs. Still, there are a ton of gluten-free slow cooker recipes that not only taste delicious, but are totally a-okay to consume. Slow cookers really are the magic genies of kitchen tools, granting all our food-related wishes and helping us pull tasty dishes out of thin air. It’s no surprise there are a ton of great gluten-free recipes to try!

Need some proof? Your slow cooker is the perfect place to make taco meat, and you can serve it up on a lettuce wrap or gluten-free tortilla for a satisfying lunch. Or, you can slow-roast an entire chicken and get creative with the different ways you plate and serve it. You can make gluten-free soups, tasty short ribs and so much more. Don’t let the anti-gluten headline fool you—these recipes are as filling and delicious as any gluten-filled meal you wish you could eat. Don’t settle for a bland dinner when there are tasty options galore right here on this list!

My favorite part about cooking in a slow cooker is how easy it is: Simply combine all of the ingredients, turn on the slow cooker, go about your day, then plate your meal and feast! Super easy with a major payoff. Whether you’re full-on celiac or just have a gluten sensitivity, scroll down to see some of our favorite gluten-free recipes and get excited about trying them out.

1. Vegetarian “Tacos”

STYLECASTER | gluten-free slow cooker recipes | vegetarian taco lettuce wraps

Simple & Savory.

Discovering bibb lettuce has truly changed my life, and this vegetarian taco recipe is the perfect example. It’s packed with flavor thanks to ingredients like chili powder cumin and oregano, and very easy to make. Plus you can top it with avocados, sliced radishes or whatever else piques your interest.


2. Spinach Bean Soup

STYLECASTER | gluten-free slow cooker recipes | slow cooker spinach bean soup

Taste Of Home.

Another vegetarian recipe with tons of flavor! I love making soups in a slow cooker, as there’s only a little prep time required and the hours spent simmering make the flavor really pack a punch. The recipe makes three quarts of the soup, so feel free to cut it in half if you’re only cooking for one or two people.


3. Chicken & Dumplings

STYLECASTER | gluten-free slow cooker recipes | chicken and dumplings

Gluten-Free On A Shoestring.

Your favorite comfort meal, reimagined with a gluten-free twist. The prep for this recipe is a little more intensive than the usual slow cooker dinner, but the payoff it well worth it. All I can say is, thank goodness for pre-packaged GF biscuits!


4. Southwest Chicken Bowl

STYLECASTER | gluten-free slow cooker recipes | chili chicken in a bowl

Simple & Savory.

A little corn, a dash of beans and you’ve got the healthiest Southwestern-style chicken dish you’ve ever seen. Feel free to add avocado, sour cream or any other of your favorite toppings to this recipe. Eat it straight out of the bowl or spoon it on top of GF tortilla. Yum.


5. Butternut Squash Heaven

STYLECASTER | gluten-free slow cooker recipes | brown butter butternut squash soup

Fit Happy Foodie.

If that photo doesn’t get you excited for this delicious browned butter squash soup, I don’t know what will. Once you try it, I promise you’ll be making this recipe on repeat. There are instructions for both a pressure cooker and a slow cooker, so you can choose how you whip this baby up according to what you’ve got on hand.


6. Tangerine Chicken Tagine

STYLECASTER | gluten-free slow cooker recipes | tangerine chicken tagine

Taste Of Home.

By the time you can say “tangerine chicken tagine” five times fast, you’ll have all your ingredients in the slow cooker and be ready to go. You’ll love the tangy sauce thanks to those vibrant tangerines, and the ginger makes it a great immunity boosting soup. The long cook time on this one is definitely worth it thanks to the powerful flavor.


7. Perfectly-Pulled Pork

STYLECASTER | gluten-free slow cooker recipes | slow cooker pulled pork

Paula Deen Magazine.

Meat lovers, this slow cooker pulled pork dish is for you. Add the pork to a salad, a sandwich, or a wrap and you’re good to go! Paula Deen never steers us wrong, and this delicious recipe is no exception.


8. Sweet Potato Chipotle Chilli

STYLECASTER | gluten-free slow cooker recipes | sweet potato chipotle chilli

Cotter Crunch.

The above image truly speaks for itself, and my mouth is watering as I gaze at this gorgeous sweet potato chipotle chilli. Not only is this dish gluten-free, but it’s safe for anyone on the paleo diet as well. You can use any type of ground meat you like, and the laundry list of spices used ensures this dish will be super flavorful.


9. Finger-Lickin’ Chicken

STYLECASTER | gluten-free slow cooker recipes | rosemary lemon chicken

Kathryn’s Kitchen Blog.

That’s right, an *entire* chicken slow-cooked in lemon and rosemary for some serious flavor. I daresay you really can’t go wrong when a recipe uses eight cloves of garlic. Just make sure you brush your teeth after you eat! You can feed your entire family with this recipe, or use it to meal prep a few lunches or dinners at a time.


10. Teriyaki Chicken

STYLECASTER | gluten-free slow cooker recipes | slow cooker teriyaki chicken

What The Fork Blog.

This one is basically a healthier version of your favorite takeout item, and I’m not complaining. This teriyaki chicken tastes great over rice, paired with steamed veggies or mixed into an Asian-style salad. It’s fairly simple to make, and because the chicken cooks low and slow over there teriyaki sauce, it’s much more flavorful just adding store-bought sauce over your chicken in the oven.

11. Short Ribs

STYLECASTER | gluten-free slow cooker recipes | slow cooker short ribs

Taste Of Home.

The recipe you’ve been waiting for! These slow cooker short ribs are delicious, and you don’t even have to cry over diced onions for this one—just chuck in some onion wedges for flavor and you’re golden! Serve with mashed potatoes at your next dinner party and wow every guest in attendance.


12. Mediterranean Chicken

STYLECASTER | gluten-free slow cooker recipes | Mediterranean slow cooker chicken

Simple and Savory.

There are so many ways to cook chicken in a slow cooker, and this is one of our favorites. Using less than 10 ingredients, the end result is a unique flavor that pairs well with plenty of different veggies. This recipe is sure to be a new go-to.


13. Ginger Apple Sauce

STYLECASTER | gluten-free slow cooker recipes | chunky ginger apple sauce

Food So Good Mall.

Surprise! A GF dessert recipe you can make in a slow cooker. The chunky texture gives this sauce more of a baked-apple-pie vibe, and I’m definitely in favor. Even though it’s a tasty treat, you won’t feel any guilt about enjoying it, because it’s 100% healthy!

14. Lettuce Wraps 2.0

STYLECASTER | gluten-free slow cooker recipes | Hawaiian pulled pork lettuce wraps

Taste Of Home.

A lettuce wrap recipe for meat-lovers, you’re going to love all the different flavors that blend together in these Hawaiian pulled-pork lettuce wraps. The sweetness of pineapple combined with the savory pulled pork, plus the freshness of the scallions and lettuce wrap live in perfect harmony in this recipe.


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