Sliver of Sky: A Video with Sky Ferreira


Racing over to the studio to shoot some behind-the-scenes of Sky Ferrira on the Friday before Memorial Day, I made a last minute decision to pick up a friend’s Canon 7D, which shoots slow motion. My new intern here at StyleCaster had been showing me some YouTube clips of a French movie that employs beaucoup de slo mo, and well, we had some ideas about hair.

The slow motion lent itself perfectly to an afternoon with Sky, whose mellow vibe hid a discerning sensibility. And as it turns out photographer Hugh Lippe also had some ideas about hair. Seemingly apathetic, Sky is precocious and observant, and not afraid to take risks like having her wrists bound with tape. It was a joy to watch Sky work with Lippe’s considerable creative energy. Together, they managed to make an industry that moves at a breakneck speed slow down just in time for summer.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video to get a sense of what the afternoon was like, and to hear Sky talk about which Spice Girl she used to dress up as and what she aspires to be in the future.

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