Slim Down Season! 5 Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working



We may have been waiting for summer to officially start since we never fully thawed out from that last deep freeze in February, but that doesn’t mean our bodies our bikini ready. But slimming down for the warmer season shouldn’t consist of crash dieting and liquid meals. Chances are if you looking to shed some pounds, you might be making the five diet mistakes below!

1. You Eat A Small Breakfast
Your first meal of the day is the most important. Instead of rolling out of bed with a cup of java, opt for a well-rounded breakfast around 500 calories. A breakfast comprised of a scrambled egg, two slices of whole grain toast with nut butter, a small glass of OJ and a cup of fresh fruit fits the bill. If this sounds like too much food to you, spread it out throughout your morning. Have your egg and toast at home and save your fresh fruit for when you arrive at the office.

2. You Skip Meals
Weve all heard the Im too busy to eat complaint, but youre only doing damage to your body and metabolism by skipping meals. Stretching too much time in-between meals can easily cause you to overeat later in the day and with less healthy options. Try to go no longer than four hours without having something to hold you over. Tips? Opt for trail mix, apples with nut butter, whole grain crackers with string cheese or air-popped popcorn sprinkled with chili powder.

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Trail mix is a great in-between meal snack. Photo:

3. Youre On A ‘Superfood’ Craze
Just because its called a Superfood doesnt mean you can eat endless amounts. Even good-for-you items such as dried fruits, avocado and nuts can wreak havoc to your diet if you go overboard on the portion sizes. Be mindful when eating these foods and be sure to portion out single-servings into Ziploc bags or Tupperware for easy use. Eyeball or measure out your salad dressings, nuts, nut butters, oils and dried fruits to ensure you arent overdoing it!

4. You Dont Watch Your Eats Saturday and Sunday
Weekdays tend to be scheduled and organized, therefore many of my clients have their structured meals mapped out for them. But once the weekend hits, its downhill until Monday morning. Make a game plan that allows you to enjoy your weekends without over indulging.

First, plan ahead your meals and read the menus before getting to the restaurant when eating out. Then plan where you want to save and spend your calories throughout the week, instead of simply Monday thru Friday. But it’s not all work no play dont avoid your favorite indulgences, instead plan ahead and if you know Aunt Rosies going to be making her famous cheesecake, eat just a sliver and maybe take a walk afterwards. Having a bite of your favorite sweet will curb your cravings later.

5. You Cancel Out Your Workouts
Just because you ran two miles on the treadmill doesnt mean you can scarf down two pieces of pizza and a soda with fries. Many of us rationalize, I just exercised, now I can splurge, but thats not the answer. If you think youve earned a treat or snack after your work out be sure to reach for healthy fare with lean proteins such as a Greek yogurt, beans and hummus. Pair these with vegetables and fruits for an easy and quick go-to snack that wont cause damage to your diet.

Amie Valpone is a HHP and AADP certified nutritionist and author of ‘The Healthy Apple.

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