Slideshow: The Best & Worst TV Roommates Of All Time

Spencer Cain
Slideshow: The Best & Worst TV Roommates Of All Time
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Tonight Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 premieres on ABC. While there are many things to look forward to about the hilarious show (including, but not limited to, the man who started it all, Mr. James Van Der Beek), one of the most prevalent themes that we can all relate to is the dynamic of living with a new roommate.

The series follows June Colbern (played by Dreama Walker, who previously played the girl that Jenny Humphrey stole a Valentino dress from on Gossip Girl) as she moves to the big city and begins to live with Chloe (played by the hilarious Krysten Ritter) who loves booze, boys and conning her roomies. I mean, if you haven’t been in a similar situation (okay, maybe I’ve never lived with a con artist, at least to my knowledge), then you haven’t lived! There’s nothing like a crappy roommate to make you appreciate your friends, your family and your life.

In honor of this foray into bad roomieville, I’ve decided to compile a list of the best and worst television roommates of all time. Sure, there are some that may not have made the cut, so please let me know if you disagree with my choices. Click through the gallery above and enjoy!

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Worst: When a small town girl moves in with a con artist/party girl in New York City, hijinks are bound to ensue. Check out Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 tonight on ABC to see how this plays out...

Worst: The neurotic Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory is an absolute freakin' nightmare roommate. His lunatic tendencies would not fly with me and frankly he needs to be living alone in a bubble.

Worst: The Sex and the City gals never actually lived together in the big city (mainly because they are all rich and in their 30s), but they did have a rowdy summer share in the Hamptons. Let's just say these broads weren't fit to live together. The biggest prude in the group (Charlotte) got crabs, and that was just the beginning. It was a blissful summer.

Best: Bert and Ernie of Sesame Street fame lived well together. Maybe a little too well. The two have fought gay rumors for years now. Sigh. Whether or not they were intended to be dating, they certainly had each other's routines down pat.

Worst: You may think that I would say that Will and Grace (from Will & Grace) were the best roomies, but that's just not the case. They were insanely codependent and regularly ruined relationships for each other. CUT THE CORD.

Best: If I could live with anyone in the world, it would probably be the ladies of The Golden Girls. Multiple generations held it down in that storied Florida condo, and I want to be one of them.

Worst: Jerry and Kramer never actually lived together on Seinfeld, but Kramer spent way more time at Jerry's apartment than he did at his own. And in case you've never seen the show, let me just inform you that all Kramer does is cause problems.

Best: The cast of Friends shuffled roommates at an extreme rate, but for the most part, all combinations seemed to work. Of course, Monica and Rachel will always be the paramount roomies, but this crew worked well off of one another resulting in a positive living sitch all around.

Worst: When Serena moved in with Blair at her mommy's empty 5th Avenue penthouse on Gossip Girl (#whitegirlproblems), I knew it was a bad idea. If you're an Upper East Side princess, I warn you against living with a hotter one. It's only going to result in cat fights, cat fights and more cat fights.

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