Slideshow: Dissecting Wilmer Valderrama’s Sex Appeal

Spencer Cain
Slideshow: Dissecting Wilmer Valderrama’s Sex Appeal
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Most of us came to know Wilmer Valderrama from That ’70s Show, where he played the adorably foreign Fez. But when he got famous, he succumbed to an illness that tends to affect many actors who make it big: douchebaggery. You know the symptoms: stumbling out of the Chateau Marmont at 5 AM, trading in your hoopty for a souped up S-Class, living on a diet that exclusively consists of truffle fries and bottle service, blah blah blah, the list goes on.

Anyway, one thing that’s always been true about Wilmer is his love of women. Sure, he’s a good looking guy, but his handsome swagger has certainly diminished over the past couple of years. Getting older isn’t always the best look for some people, after all. However, the ladies keep wanting more, and it really makes me wonder why. And granted, it’s easy for any Hollywood actor to land some bedfellows, but it’s not like he’s scoring with random groupies: he’s shacking up with A-list celebrities.

I’ve deduced that Wilmer is able to snag these babes mainly because he tends to have an eye for younger women. Of course, he also has a hefty net worth estimated at $18 million. This is not Brad Pitt money. He may not be Black Card ballin’, but he can probably throw down an AmEx Platinum for a dinner for two at Sizzler. He may even let you get the lobster tail. But I’m still baffled. Of course, I don’t know him personally — he may be the nicest guy ever, but when he and Demi Lovato began dating, I genuinely lost respect for them. I’m not one to judge — we’ve all got rap sheets, but I was just turned off. Now, Big Wil is allegedly laying the mack down on the stunning Minka Kelly and I am once again left wondering, “What is it about Wilmer that gets these girls?”

Let me know what you guys think, and for your enjoyment I’ve compiled a slideshow of his past flames. Click through the gallery above for a look at the life of one of Hollywood’s most low-key playboys.

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Wilmer is supposedly hooking up with Minka, who recently broke up with baseball great Derek Jeter.

Wilmer's relationship with Demi, who was 19 and fresh out of a rehab, made a lot of fingers wag. I was one of the haters.

Wilmer dipped his toes into the pop-punk pond again in early 2010.

This duo dated for a bit in 2005. They definitely fit, since they both clearly shopped at Hot Topic.

Wilmer and Lindsay had a crazy relationship back in 2004, filled with wild club nights and plenty of paparazzi shots.

This was actually his cutest relationship. He and Mandy dated for a little over a year beginning in 2001. He later said some weird crap about their sex life on Howard Stern. Ugh, come on dude.

The That '70s Show costars allegedly got together in 1999.

They supposedly had a fling in 1999.

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