Sleeping Beauty Premieres at Cannes, It’s Erotic and Creepy!


And I like it! The last time I had such a strong, gut reaction to a two minute movie trailer was back in October when I first saw the Blue Valentine trailer. The Julia Leigh directed Sleeping Beauty is dark and twisted and sexual, all the makings of a brilliant movie.

The Psychosexual not-so-fairy-tale, which stars Emily Browning as Lucy the prostitute, is one of the most highly-anticipated films at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. From what I can gather, the highly-erotic Australian version of Sleeping Beauty draws very few parallels from the childhood story we all enjoyed growing up.

When Lucy falls asleep, it’s not because of a poisin apple, it’s because she takes a Rohipnol-like substance that knocks her out so that paying men can watch her and lay with her. See, I told you it was creepy… but how can that not intrigue you? Watch the trailer for yourself and share your thoughts in the comments.

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